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  • What are the free support items when opening a Scalpia store?
    When opening a Scalpia store, various scalp education materials, menu boards, product display cases, display case price lists, outdoor banners, signboards, scalp material-related frames (A4 Size 4EA, B3 Size 2EA), bowls, pack brushes, pumping containers, etc. are provided at the head office. We provide free support. *Free support items may change.
  • What kind of after-sales service is provided if a problem such as a device malfunction occurs while using the device?
    If you contact our head office at 02-857-0909, we will confirm your company name and the device you are using and begin A/S through an A/S representative. 1. If you send the device to our headquarters via courier, etc., we will repair or replace it after testing. (Some devices can only be repaired and cannot be replaced) 2. An A/S representative will visit and perform testing and repairs. (Travel expenses incurred)
  • I'm curious about what kind of training is provided.
    When a device or product enters a store, we provide training on the device and product as well as education on scalp hair. In addition, educational materials on how to use devices and products and about the scalp are also provided via email (printed material). However, training on scalp and hair is limited to basic training, and if you wish to receive professional training, we recommend obtaining the 'Scalp and Hair Professional Consultant Level 2' certification. (We signed an MOU with the Korea Beauty Industry Association and will provide certification training using our equipment.)
  • How much does it cost to start a business?
    Scalpia’s startup package starts from as low as 3.5 million won. The package includes devices and products, If there is an existing space for rent, it is possible to proceed at the lowest cost.
  • How long does it take to prepare for a branch opening?
    Purchases of devices and products before branch opening are made on a pre-payment basis. We will set up the device and product within one week after payment. (However, if devices and products are out of stock, we will notify you separately.)
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