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TOPROS Anti-Hair Loss Cleanser

TOPROS Anti-Hair Loss Cleanser

It thoroughly cleanses the scalp, prevents hair loss caused by abnormal scalp environment, and helps hair growth by making the scalp healthy.

Various plant extracts such as iris, Cornus officinalis, and ginkgo biloba extract improve blood circulation to the scalp, activate the scalp, help normalize its function, and make the scalp healthy.

  • How to use the product

    1. Mix shampoo with water in a bowl at a 1:1 ratio, create foam, and apply to scalp with a brush. (If you don't have a ball, pour it into your palm in a 1:1 ratio, lather it, then apply it to your scalp and apply it with your fingers.)

    2. Leave it on the scalp for about 4-5 minutes, then thoroughly remove the foam with lukewarm water.

  • Precautions for use

    1. Do not use on the following areas: Scalp and skin with wounds, eczema, etc.

    2. Use with caution in the following cases. Allergy symptoms due to drugs or cosmetics (those who have experienced rash, redness, itching, dermatitis due to lacquer, etc.)

    3. Side effects

    1) If symptoms such as rash, redness, or itching appear due to use of this drug, stop use and consult a pharmacist or doctor.

    2) Use of this drug may cause itching, irritating pain, local sweating, and heat.

    3) If severe itching or pain occasionally occurs due to use of this drug, discontinue use.

    4) If severe irritation occurs due to use of this medicine, stop using it.

    4. General precautions

    1) Be careful not to get it into your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, wash with water. If symptoms are severe, seek treatment from an ophthalmologist.

    2) Use this medicine only for external use and do not take it internally.

    3) Do not use for long periods of time.

    5. Storage precautions

    1) Avoid direct sunlight and store (closely sealed) in a cool (low moisture) place as much as possible.

    2) To prevent misuse and maintain quality, do not put it in other containers.

  • Exchange and Refund Policy

    · When exchange/return is possible (processing possible within 1 week from the date of product receipt)
    - In case of change of mind or mistake in ordering
    - In case of product defect or misdelivery

    · When exchange/return is not possible
    - If the product box, cap, etc. has been opened or the contents have been used
    - If the product is damaged or defective due to the customer’s carelessness in use
    - If the product was not purchased directly through Viewtopia
    - If 2 weeks have passed since purchase (change of mind)
    - If supporting materials are not accurately attached

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