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Skin/scalp/hair diagnostic device IS-5000COM (Purchase inquiry: 020858-6447)

Skin/scalp/hair diagnostic device IS-5000COM (Purchase inquiry: 020858-6447)

PC, monitor integrated diagnostic device Premium Model (Built-in PC)

- All-in-one PC and monitor, so you can use it right away after installing the diagnostic program without assembling a separate device.

- Multi-function diagnostic device that allows customer management through the customer management video program built into the PC

- Considering the weight, wheels are attached to the main body for easy movement of the device.

- Basic configuration: diagnostic camera, lens (X1, X50, X250), PC, monitor, diagnostic program (scalp, skin optional)

- Additional components (purchased separately): Lens (X800)

  • Exchange and Refund Policy

    · When exchange/return is possible (processing possible within 1 week from the date of product receipt)
    - In case of change of mind or mistake in ordering
    - In case of product defect or misdelivery

    · When exchange/return is not possible
    - If the product box, cap, etc. has been opened or the contents have been used
    - If the product is damaged or defective due to customer carelessness
    - If the product was not purchased directly through Viewtopia
    - If 2 weeks have passed since purchase (change of mind)
    - If supporting materials are not accurately attached

  • Product inquiry number

    Product inquiry number: 010-2228-6447

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